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Last Of The Summer Wine character
'Electrical' Entwistle
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Job Electrician
Actor Burt Kwouk
First A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft
Last How Not to Cry at Weddings

(2002–2010) Electrician and fortune-teller from the land of eastern wisdom, Hull. His real name is Mcintyre but he changed it so people wouldn't mistake him for a Scotsman. When Wesley died, Entwistle took over his job of shuttling the others across the countryside in a battered red Toyota Hilux pick-up truck, and occasionally constructing the various contraptions the main trio produce. He also seems to be taking over a character version of Auntie Wainwright, although he mainly sells second-hand washing machines.

Following the departure of Billy Hardcastle in series 28, Entwistle has often been paired with Alvin around their dealings with Howard or Barry. From series 30 to series 31, Entwistle becomes the second man in a new trio when Hobbo arrives and recruits Alvin and Entwistle to form a band of volunteers to respond to emergencies in the village.