A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft
Season -, Episode -
Air date 29 December 2002
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It All Began With an Old Volvo Headlamp
The Lair of the Cat Creature
Billy Ingleton has acquired a mobile pipe organ, the use of which the ladies feel appropriate for a charity pageant. Meanwhile, isn't anyone going to nasty old Muscroft's funeral? Barry has yet another run-in with his golf captain when he sees his car parked in the middle of nowhere and assumes he has broken down. The golf captain is in fact canoodling passionately with his assistant, Mrs. Rimington. In a rare moment of sympathy, he congratulates Barry on his prowess at golf, and for trying to help, though pnly because he fears Barry may have seen something he shouldn't have.
  • Nora Batty returns having been absent since the series 22 episode "The Coming of the Beast".
  • Norman Wisdom makes his fifth guest appearance as Billy Ingleton.
  • First small appearance of Entwistle (although his introduction to the other characters occurs in the next series).
  • Mrs. Rimington is often seen hovering in the background, but never had a speaking role, and this was the only time she was actually involved in the action.
  • Audience of 6.27m - 44th most watched programme of the week.