A Short Introduction To Cooper's Rules
Season 29, Episode 3
Air date 6 July 2008
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Will the Genuine Racer Please Stand Up?
Is Jeremy Quite Safe?
Just as PCs Cooper and Walsh master the art of fighting crime from the rear, Barry spoils it all by taking a retired vicar out for the day.
  • Guest Appearance of Nicholas Smith
  • A very rare instance of an episode being shown on BBC Two due to late change in listings because of the late finish of the men's final of the 2008 Wimbledon Championships. (The only other instance of the show being on BBC Two was late one night in 1996, when the first episode was shown as part of the 'Pilot Paradise' strand.)
  • This episode is unique in that it revolves almost entirely around PCs Cooper and Walsh, who are usually secondary characters. Clegg and Truly are barely seen in this episode.
  • In this episode, PC's Cooper and Walsh are finally given names after years of being referred to as "1st Policeman" and "2nd Policeman."
  • 1.75 million viewers watched this episode.