Last Of The Summer Wine character
Alvin Smedley
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Job Retired
Actor Brian Murphy
First The Lair of the Cat Creature
Last How Not to Cry at Weddings
(2003–2010) Alvin Smedley was introduced in the 2003 series as Nora Batty's new next door neighbour following the death of Compo. When Tom's former acquaintance, Mrs. Avery, gives up the lease she owns on Compo's old house, Alvin purchases it.[22] Although he publicly claims to hate Nora Batty, he feels it is his duty to try to bring some joy to her life, often in the form of practical jokes similar to those Compo once played on her. In the 2005 series he joined the main trio thus making them a quartet but after the 2006 series following Billy Hardcastle's departure the quartet once again became a trio although in the 2007 and 2008 series he was mostly teamed up with Entwistle. In the final two series he and Entwistle teamed up with Hobbo, thus making a new trio.