Last Of The Summer Wine character
Barry Wilkinson
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Job Accountant
Actor Mike Grady
First Uncle Of The Bride
Last How Not to Cry at Weddings
(1986–1990, 1996–2010) meek and mild husband of Glenda. Dull and ineffectual, accountant Barry strives for adventure but seems destined for paperwork and domesticity. His one pride is his shiny new car, which he was always trying to keep away from father-in-law Wesley, who could not resist tinkering under the bonnet. Barry is often trying out new hobbies in an attempt to stop his life being humdrum; and in more recent years, has made a number of attempts to fit in at a local golf club, often upsetting the golf captain "The Major". After being introduced in the feature-length "Uncle Of The Bride" in 1986, which centres around Barry and Glenda's wedding, Barry was much-mentioned but not seen for a few years when Mike Grady left to pursue several other television projects, before returning as a regular in the mid-1990s. He is one of the few characters to have left the series but returned in later series.