Big Day at Dream Acres
Season -, Episode -
Air date 31 December 1987
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When You take a Good Bite, Yorkshire Tastes Terrible
The Experiment
There's a big fete at Dream Acres, but why is a tramp so interested in one of the donkeys.
  • 79 Minute special.
  • Final appearance of Crusher, Jonathan Linsley left the show after going onto lent and a crash diet and the character of Milburn couldn't be continued due to weight loss.
  • This is the 3rd and final episode to have no laughter track.
  • First appearance of Tony Capstick as a policeman
  • Included on the Series 9 & 10 boxset.
  • The music played by the brass band at the end of this episode would later be used in "Just a Small Funeral".