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Last Of The Summer Wine character
Billy Hardcastle
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Actor Keith Clifford
First How Errol Flynn Discovered the Secret Scar of Nora Batty
Last Plenty Of Room In The Back

(1999, 2000, 2001–2006) Billy Hardcastle was first introduced in the 1999 series as a guest star[17] and also appeared in the 2000 New Year's special[18] and a guest role in the 2000 series.[19] Due to his popularity, he was made a regular character in the 2001 series.[20]

Billy believes he is a direct descendent of Robin Hood. His first appearance on the show showed him attempting to recruit a band of Merry Men to go with him while he robs from the rich to give to the poor.[17] At the end of the 21st series, Billy moves next door to Truly[21] and is teamed as the third member of the trio. When Billy joined with Clegg and Truly, much of the humour Compo previously brought to the series returned in Billy's child-like demeanour, although an element of physical humour was still lacking in the series. Much of his dialogue bemoaned the domestic presence of "the wife" or "the wife's sister". Billy was last seen at the end of the 27th series following the departure of Keith Clifford from the show to pursue other work at the time.