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Series 2

Last of the Summer Wine's second series originally aired on BBC One between 5 March 1975 and 16 April 1975.[1] All episodes from this series were written by Roy Clarke and produced and directed by Bernard Thompson.[2]

Although ratings from the first series were not good, the BBC ordered a second series of Last of the Summer Wine after the first season aired but were delayed due to strike action. The second series was eventually produced and aired during March and April, 1975. For the first time, series 2 saw two episodes make it into the top ten programs of the week, starting with the opening show, "Forked Lightning," which was watched by over 18 million people.[3]

Joining the cast this season was Joe Gladwin as Wally Batty, Nora Batty's henpecked husband.[4] Series 2 would also mark the final appearance of Blamire, played by Michael Bates, who left at the end of the series due to health problems.[5]

The second series was released on DVD in region 2 as a combined box set with series 1 on 2 September 2002.

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