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Last Of The Summer Wine character
Cyril Blamire
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Job Retired
Actor Michael Bates
First The Last of the Summer Wine
Last Northern Flying Circus

(1973–1975) The first third man, and the most childishly argumentative, Blamire was the contrast to Compo. Blamire was fired up by displays of youthful enthusiasm, energetic gusto, or any sign of the British spirit.[9] He served as a corporal in the British Army in the Royal Signals regiment during the "The Great Fight for Freedom""[6] as a supply wallah (a storeman) in India and retains his military bearing. He was a Tory and a self-important know-it-all with upper-class aspirations who often dissociated himself from the other two, especially Compo, due to his perceived superiority to them.[5] Because of his sophisticated interests and insistence on table manners, Compo liked to refer to him as a "poof"[5] When Bates left the cast due to illness in 1975, Blamire was written out of the series; it was said that he had left to get married and the last we hear of him is a very organised letter, instructing Clegg and Compo to meet their old classmate, Foggy Dewhurst.[10]