Elegy for Fallen Wellies
Season 21, Episode 4
Air date 23 April 2000
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Magic and the Morris Minor
Surprise at Throstlenest
Nora, in "sexy" costume for a church pageant, takes a dare from Ivy to call Compo's bluff and present herself on his doorstep. The unexpected result is that he collapses and has to be rushed to the hospital. Although Clegg and Truly expect the best, Compo dies as the doctors try to save him.

Cleggy and Truly, as well as Nora and Ivy, spend the night remembering him and trying to figure out how to give him a proper send-off.

  • This, and the following 2 episodes were hastily written to deal with the death of Bill Owen.
  • The end theme is slightly different to give it a more sombre tone. This and "Just a Small Funeral" are the only two episodes to use the sombre end theme.
  • Audience of 6.45m - 46th most watched programme of the week.