Elegy for Small Creature and Clandestine Trackbike
Season 28, Episode 6
Air date 26 August 2007
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Will the Nearest Alien Please Come In
The Crowcroft Challenge
Clegg reluctantly agrees to let Howard bring his new bicycle in to his house out of sight from Pearl, but is dismayed when he finds that it is a track bike. When Truly, Alvin and Entwistle are assisting Clegg to get the bike out of his house, Pearl appears and wants to know to whom it belongs. Howard tells her that it belongs to Clegg. Later the men happen upon Tom who is grieving over the death of a dear friend. After getting him drunk, they wheel him back on an abandoned supermarket trolley. Howard implores Clegg to dress-up as a motor cyclist and just be seen by Pearl with the bike. The ladies hear the noise of the bike and are just in time to see Clegg roar-off in pursuit of Tom in the supermarket trolley, which has silently rolled away. Pearl is convinced that Clegg is really a biker and, for a short while, Howard is in the clear.
  • audience unknown.