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Last Of The Summer Wine character
Walter 'Foggy' Dewhurst
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Job Retired
Actor Brian Wilde
First The Man from Oswestry
Last There Goes the Groom

AKA Brian Wilde (1976–1985, 1990–1997) The successor to Blamire, Foggy was a former soldier who liked to boast of his exploits in Burma during the Second World War (in fact, he was a sign-writer). Although he considered himself very regimental and heroic, when confronted Foggy was generally meek and incompetent. He considered himself the leader of the trio, and frequently took charge of Compo and Cleggy. Foggy Dewhurst was infamous for trying to figure out a solution to the trio's everyday problems, only to make them much worse. In earlier years Foggy wore a scarf with regimental colours on it. When Wilde left the series in 1985 to star in his own sitcom, it was explained that Foggy had moved to Bridlington to take over his family's egg-painting business.[11] Returning in 1990, he claimed he had tired of a life of egg painting.[12] In 1997, when Wilde's illness prevented him from taking part in the series, in the Special, "There Goes the Groom", (which introduced Truly) it was said that an unconscious, hung-over Foggy was swept off to Blackpool by the local postmistress. There he inadvertently proposed to her in a verbal slip-up over the wedding rings of which he had taken charge "for safe keeping" (out of the dubious care of Best Man, Barry).[13] Foggy's given name was revealed to be Walter in the episode "The Odd Dog Men"[14]; "Foggy" is a nickname, presumably derived from the expression "foggy dew".


Due to the fact that he returned for a second stint, making his round total of years on the show about 16, Foggy is the longest-serving Third Man of the trio.