Get Out Of That, Then
Season 29, Episode 11
Air date 31 August 2008
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It's Never Ten Years
I Was A Hitman For Primrose Dairies
Lenny, heavily-chained, is determined that he has a showbusiness future as an escapologist. Sidekick Cliff is not as enthusiastic.
  • Guest Appearances of Barbara Young, Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball, (the third time for Cannon and Ball).
  • Barbara Young makes a guest appearance as Florrie in this episode, before returning in series 30 as the regular character of Stella.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Nora Batty due to Staff's Death. Actress Kathy Staff was unable to appear in Series 30 owing to ill-health, and died four months after this episode's broadcast.
  • This also marks the final episode to feature Clegg and Truly as part of the main trio due to insurance costs. They become secondary characters in Series 30 and Series 31.
  • Audience of 4.8m - 27th most watched programme of the week. A later time slot seems to have helped the ratings for this episode return to previous levels.