Last Of The Summer Wine character
Glenda Wilkinson
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Job Housewife
Actor Sarah Thomas
First Uncle Of The Bride
Last How Not to Cry at Weddings

(Sarah Thomas: 1986–2010) daughter of Edie and Wesley. The other women in the group consider that she is somewhat naive, despite her being middle-aged. When her mother was alive, if she attempted to join in a mature conversation, Edie would snap "drink your coffee!" She speaks glowingly of her husband Barry, but is often insecure and unsatisfied with him at home, often because of the pressure of her mother and other ladies in the group. She often comes to the defence of men when other women in the group speak the worst about them and does not believe that all men are evil, as they do. She appears, like her husband, to have a very meek demeanour, but under duress she has proven to be quite a force to be reckoned with. In the very last episode of all, Glenda seem clearly to have joined the the bossy Yorkshire women brigade in her issuance of suggestions to Barry and Morton that are, in Barry's words "not optional". Although the rest of the ladies (particularly Pearl) had a dislike for the flirtatious Marina, Glenda was seen to strike up friendship with her on a number of occasions (although this role was generally taken by Miss Davenport in the later series).

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