Happy Camping
Season 31, Episode 2
Air date 1 August 2010
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Behind Every Bush There is Not Necessarily a Howard
The Rights of Man (Except for Howard)

Pearl throws Howard out of the house, but when he goes to Clegg's for sympathy it falls on deaf ears, while Pearl tells Nelly she's going to have to sort out Howard once and for all. Meanwhile, Glenda decides that Barry and herself are fat and that something must be done before Gloria's wedding, and forces Barry to embark on a new fitness regime. And PC Walsh informs PC Cooper that the sergeant is on their back - he's complaining about the amount of crumbs they're leaving in the car.

  • An apparent appearance by Peter Sallis and Frank Thornton in an outdoor scene in this episode is achieved by green screen technology.
  • Audience of 4.14m - 34th most watched programme of the week
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