I Was A Hitman For Primrose Dairies
Season -, Episode -
Air date 31 December 2008
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Get Out Of That, Then
Some Adventures of the Inventor of the Mother Stitch
Retired milkman Luther 'Hobbo' Hobdyke calls upon his MI5 experience to form a band of reluctant volunteers, to react to any emergency.
  • First appearances of Hobbo and Stella.
  • This episode sees the introduction of the new trio: Alvin, Entwistle and Hobbo. Clegg and Truly are reduced to secondary characters, and only appear briefly in the episode.
  • This episode was dedicated to Kathy Staff who died 2 weeks before this episode aired. Her character, Nora Batty, does not appear in this episode. It is explained that she is visiting Australia, and her sister, Stella, is house-sitting for her.
  • This is the first episode to be produced in High Definition (HD)
  • Last New Years special
  • Provisional audience figure of 3.9m.