Last Of The Summer Wine character
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Job Sid's Cafe Owner
Actor Jane Freeman
First The Last of the Summer Wine
Last Look Whose Wheel's Come Off

(1973–2010) joint owner of tea-shop with husband Sid, with whom she would often have blazing rows in the kitchen, until his death. She now runs it solely, and viciously scolds anyone who dares misbehave or criticise the food. Generally the wisest and most level-headed of the show's female social circle, she was also on occasion a target of Compo's (unwanted) affection, who often said that if it wasn't for Nora Batty, he'd be all over her. When taking into account Kathy Staff's brief exit from the show in 2001 and later absence from series 30 to series 31 (see above), Jane Freeman as Ivy is the only character other than Clegg (Peter Sallis) to have been present throughout the course of the series (although Clegg is the only one to have appeared in every single episode), however she was not present in the final episode of the series.

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