Last Of The Summer Wine ran for 295 episodes between 1973 and 2010. The pilot episode was first broadcast as part of Comedy Playhouse on 4th January 1973.

The Pilot Episode: 1973Edit

Of Funerals and Fish: The very episode of the series shows Compo Simmonite, Norman Clegg and Cyril Blamire going around Holmfirth whilst talking about life and death and classic memories, such as when Compo and Doggy Eastwood could hear the rustle of toffee paper at 40 feet.

Series 1: 1973Edit

  1. Short Back and Palais Glide: Compo is tipped upside to be rid of evil spirits, and so he loses his front door key. As the library is closed, the trio search for Mr Wainwright.
  2. Inventor Of The Forty Foot Ferret: Blamire tries to get Compo to visit church.
  3. Pate and Chips: The trio go on a day out to a stately home with Compo, his nephew and his family.
  4. Spring Fever: Nora Batty, Clegg and Blamire are surprised to see Compo cleaning his house to advertise for a housekeeper/girlfriend.
  5. The New Mobile Trio: The trio decide they need a car to get about more.
  6. Hail Smiling Morn Or Thereabouts: The trio camp out so Blamire can photograph the sunrise.

Series 2: 1975Edit

  1. Forked Lightning: Clegg goes to take his bicycle back to where he got it from.
  2. Who's That Dancing With Nora Batty Then?: A farewell party is thrown for Nora Batty's neighbour.
  3. The Changing Face Of Rural Blamire: Blamire fails to put his foot back into the world of work.
  4. Some Enchanted Evening: Wally Batty leaves home, and Compo's big chance comes.
  5. A Quiet Drink: The trio attempt to con a mean pub visitor, Mouse, into buying the next round.
  6. Ballad For Wind Instruments and Canoe: The trio borrow a friend's canoe, but things don't go according to plan when they take it out on the river.
  7. Northern Flying Circus: The trio discover an old friend has died, so they buy his motorbike and sidecar.

Series 3: 1976Edit

  1. The Man From Oswestry: Blamire has left Holmfirth and so Compo and Clegg are reunited with an old school chum, Foggy Dewhurst.
  2. Mending Stuart's Leg: The trio plan to mend Stuart's leg for him and Compo is chosen to put some tiles on the cafe roof.
  3. The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper: The trio go to Scarborough for the weekend with Compo's nephew, Gordon.
  4. Cheering Up Gordon: The trio discover Gordon is feeling low, so they decide to cheer him up.
  5. The Kink In Foggy's Niblick: Foggy plays golf again after a long time, however, it doesn't go quite the way he planned it to be.
  6. Going To Gordon's Wedding: The trio are invited to the wedding of Gordon and his girlfriend, who he met in Scarborough.
  7. Isometrics And After: Foggy has Compo and Clegg take up isometric exercises.

Series 4: 1977 - 1978Edit

  1. Ferret Come Home: One of Compo's ferrets has got into Nora's house.
  2. Getting On Sidney's Wire: Sid is installing a doorbell for the cafe.
  3. Jubilee: Foggy is planning to come up with something for the Queen's jubilee celebrations.
  4. Flower Power Cut: The trio's friend Murdoch dies and Clegg proves that flowers have feelings for music.
  5. Who Made A Bit Of A Splash In Wales, Then?: Foggy is in Wales and Compo, Sid and Clegg go to visit him.
  6. Greenfingers: The trio borrow a giant carrot to show their fondess in vegetables.
  7. A Merry Heatwave: A member of Nora's family is dying, and so the trio celebrate Christmas in the summer to cheer her up.
  8. The Bandit From Stoke On Trent: The trio meet an old friend, however, Foggy isn't keen on him.

1978 Christmas SpecialEdit

Small Tune On A Penny Wassail: It's Christmas and the trio go to visit a friend in hospital. Meanwhile, Compo wants a skateboard.

Series 5: 1979Edit

  1. Full Steam Behind: The trio try to stop a runaway train.
  2. The Flag and It's Snag: Foggy plans to put a flag on a hill.
  3. The Flag and Further Snags: Foggy recieves his flag and sends Compo and Clegg to put it up.
  4. Deep In The Heart Of Yorkshire: What is going on in the woods? Whatever it is, it doesn't stop the trio from finding out.
  5. Earnshaw Strikes Again: Compo and Clegg apologize to a spirit called Earnshaw whenever something goes wrong, but Foggy denies his existance.
  6. Here We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder: Compo plans to take up hangliding.
  7. Here We Go Again Into The Wild Blue Yonder: Wally Batty has made a hanglider for Compo and he prepares to take to the air.

1979 Christmas SpecialEdit

And A Dewhurst Up A Fir Tree: The trio try to find Christmas cards in the summer. When that doesn't work, Foggy buys some Christmas trees.

1981 Christmas SpecialEdit

Whoops: The trio go to visit an old friend for Christmas and then they invite their chums for a Christmas drink.

Series 6: 1982Edit

  1. In The Service Of Humanity: Foggy starts a rescue service.
  2. Car and Garter: Compo is brought in to test a friend's car.
  3. The Odd Dog Men: Foggy starts a dog walking service.
  4. A Bicycle Made For Three: The trio decide that one bicycle is not enough and decide to build their own.
  5. One Of The Last Few Places Unexplored By Man: Compo plans to have his picture taken in Nora's bedroom.
  6. Serenade For Tight Jeans and Metal Detector: Foggy uses his new metal detector to search for treasure and Compo is not pleased with his replacement trousers.
  7. From Wellies To Wet Suit: Compo takes up water skiing.

1982 Christmas SpecialEdit

All Mod Conned: The trio go on holiday for Christmas in a caravan, but it isn't quite the way they expected.

Series 7: 1983Edit

  1. The Frozen Turkey Man: Compo and Clegg joke to a barmaid that Foggy is rich.
  2. The White Man's Grave: The trio get Wally out of his house to give him a break from Nora.
  3. The Waist Land: Foggy comes up with a plan to sell food to the residents of the local health farm.
  4. Cheering Up Ludovic: The trio meet their friend Ludovic, but he is too drunk to drive his van, so Clegg steps in.
  5. The Three Astaires: The trio go to offer their services to the church play, but Compo is more interested in a suit of armour and gets his head stuck.
  6. The Arts Of Concealment: Foggy gets into trouble with some cyclists after demonstrating the art of camoflague, and Compo loses his trousers when the trio help a couple with their car.

1983 Christmas SpecialEdit

Getting Sam Home: The trio help an friend spent a night with his lover, but when he slips away, they plan to get him home so it will look if he died in his own bed.

1984 Christmas SpecialEdit

The Loxley Lozenge: Wesley reveals to the trio he has found a beautiful old car - the Loxley Lozenge and so they help him take it back to his workshop.

Series 8: 1985Edit

  1. The Mysterious Feet Of Nora Batty: Compo comes up with a plan to figure out the size of Nora Batty's feet.
  2. Keeping Britain Tidy: Foggy organises a clean up of the countryside, and so the trio get Ogden Buttercup to help them take a mattress to the dump.
  3. Enter The Phantom: Compo becomes a stunt biker.
  4. Catching Digby's Donkey: The trio help Digby with his donkey.
  5. The Woollen Mills Of Your Mind: Compo becomes a marathon runner.
  6. Who's Looking After The Cafe, Then?: Foggy takes charge of Ivy's cafe for the afternoon.

1986 New Year SpecialEdit

Uncle Of The Bride: Foggy has left the area to paint eggs in Bridlington and so Compo and Clegg meet retired headmaster Seymour Utterwaithe. Meanwhile, the residents are preparing for the wedding of Barry and Glenda.

1986 Christmas SpecialEdit

Merry Christmas, Father Christmas: Seymour decides to put the spirit back into Christmas by having Compo going on chimneys dressed as Saint Nicholas himself.

Series 9: 1987Edit

  1. Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladie's Elastic Stockings?: Seymour uses his new drill to search for oil.
  2. The Heavily Reinforced Bottom: Compo takes up canoeing.
  3. Dried Dates and Codfanglers: Compo searchs for a date Nora Batty threw at him, while Seymour has trouble with his new door lock.
  4. The Really Masculine Purse: Seymour invents a new type of purse.
  5. Who's Feeling Ejected Then?: Compo is roped in to test Seymour's new car safety device - an ejector seat.
  6. The Ice Cream Cometh: Seymour brings back the spirit of old fashioned ice cream men by dressing Compo up and giving him a bicycle.
  7. Set The People Free: The trio plan to give Howard and Wally some freedom from their wifes.
  8. Go With The Flow: The trio try to sell tickets for the church show.
  9. Jaws: Seymour has a waste disposal unit fitted for his sister so she won't have to lift heavy things.
  10. Edie and The Automobile: Seymour tries to find a driver for Edie to give her lessons.
  11. Wind Power: Seymour decides to test against the power of the wind by giving Compo a sail and some skates.
  12. When You Take A Good Bite, Yorkshire Tastes Terrible: The trio hear their old friend Bill Henry has died and so they relive some happy memories.

1987 Christmas SpecialEdit

Big Day At Dream Acres: The trio visit the fete at Dream Acres and a tramp comes up with a plan involving two donkeys.

Series 10: 1988Edit

  1. The Experiment: The trio organize an experiment to see how the blood rushes to your head.
  2. The Treasure Of The Deep: When Compo falls in the canal, Seymour discovers he found something, which he thinks could be a piece of sliver candlestick.
  3. Dancing Feet: Compo has trouble with the skin on his feet and so the trio go to a mysterious woman so she can help him.
  4. That Certain Smile: Clem Hemmingway misses his dog so the trio sneak it into the hospital for it.
  5. Downhill Racer: Seymour comes up with a new type of skiing - on tin trays.
  6. The Day Of The Welsh Ferret: Compo takes his ferret to a funeral, but it gets loose.

1988 Christmas SpecialEdit

Crums: Compo, Clegg and Seymour go around the town dressed as Father Christmas, and then they help a relative of Howard's get ready for Christmas. Meanwhile, Barry plans to surprise Glenda with a water bed.

Series 11: 1989Edit

  1. Come Back, Jack Harry Teesdale: The trio help their friend with his caravan.
  2. The Kiss and Mavis Poskit: The ladies make attempts to get Clegg to go out with Mavis Poskit.
  3. Oh, Shut Up and Eat Your Choc Ice: Seymour has a haystack put back into it's former position.
  4. Who's That Bloke With Nora Batty Then?: 
  5. Happy Anniversary, Gough and Jessie:
  6. Getting Barry Higher In The World: Seymour decides to relive the old days of flying a kite, but after several tries to fly it, he gets Wesley to make a bigger one, but he makes it in metres.
  7. Three Men and A Mangle: Compo is asked by Nora to take a mangle to her friends, with the help of Clegg and Seymour, but they get into a few escapades along the way.

1989 Christmas SpecialEdit

What's Santa Brought For Nora Then?: Compo is determined to find a good Christmas present for Nora.

Series 12: 1990Edit

  1. Return Of The Warrior: Seymour leaves the village to go back to work and Foggy returns to the area, searching for Compo and Clegg.
  2. Come In, Sunray Major: Foggy has Compo and Clegg given some portable radios, so he won't be separated from them. But they experience some antics with the radios involving both a tractor and of course, Howard and Marina! 
  3. The Charity Balls: Foggy has Compo and Clegg take part in a sponsored football dribble.

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