Last Of The Summer Wine character
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Job Supermarket Assistant
Actor Jean Fergusson
First Catching Digby's Donkey
Last How Not to Cry at Weddings
(1985–2010) busty but over-age, Howard's love interest Marina works in a local supermarket. Despite her carefree appearance and large chest, Marina is a long-suffering type, having to deal with the disapproval of the prominent village women, the indirect wrath of Pearl, and timorous and neglectful romancing by Howard. Although at first seeming a "tart", in truth Marina is only longingly searching for love. Marina works as a check-out girl at the local Co-op (although in more recent series, the store's name has not been given); Howard often sneaks there to pass or receive notes from her (or more often sends Norman Clegg in his place; leading on several occasions for Marina to believe mistakenly that Clegg is interested in her romantically). Marina longs for love, and seems to have a particularly soft spot for Clegg. In A Sidecar Named Desire Clegg reveals that he was once trapped in a lift with Marina and they had to cuddle together to keep warm. Though she perceived it to be a romantic incident, it left Clegg terrified of her. Clegg always strongly denies any romantic interest in her. Marina first appeared in the spin-off 1984 Eastbourne summer season show, and soon became a regular character. In A Sidecar Named Desire, Compo says of Marina, "she's not for marrying, she's for educational purposes".