Last Of The Summer Wine character
Morton Beemish
Gender Male
Job Repo Man
Actor Christopher Beeny
First Getting Barry's Goat
Last How Not to Cry at Weddings

(2001–2005, 2007, 2008–2010) He first appeared as an unnamed character, "the Repo man", who is always pursuing Tom Simmonite, claiming that he owes money. He is determined but gullible, and Tom always evades him. From 2005 on, he has not only been mentioned by name, but also calls on Barry for social visits, with Barry not being too thrilled at this newfound friendship. In certain episodes in 2005, it is clear that he still repossesses belongings, which Glenda suggests is the reason none of his friendships lasted: he kept repossessing his friends' goods. The character returned in a 2007 episode of the show; and again in the 2008 New Year special, saying that he has retired from debt collecting and changed his name to Morton Beemish in order to start a new life for himself. He seeks out the friendship of his former nemesis, Tom. In series 30 and series 31 the character lives next door to Barry and Glenda, moving in as lodger with Toby Mulberry, (aka The Captain).

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