Last Of The Summer Wine character
Gender Female
Hair Grey
Job Retired
Actor June Whitfield
First Merry Entwistle and Jackson Day
Last Look Whose Wheel's Come Off

(2005–2010) A more recent addition to the ladies' coffee-drinking set, and Pearl's comrade-in-arms. Nelly's never-seen husband Travis needs constant attention, which Nelly generally administers over her mobile phone. Nelly occasionally provides more "sophisticated" viewpoints as a result of having lived further south for some time, but even she regards them with some befuddlement. June Whitfield previously made a "one off" appearance in the series as a different character, Delphi Potts, in the 2001 Christmas Special, 'Potts in Pole Position', married to Lother, the character of Warren Mitchell, a couple of years before she became a regular as Nelly. In Series 30, she became the object of Hobbo's obsession when he became convinced that she was his long-lost mother. She was one of the only two regular characters (the other being Ivy) to not appear in the final episode.

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