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Last Of The Summer Wine character
Norman Clegg
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Brown/Grey
Job Retired
Actor Peter Sallis
First The Last of the Summer Wine
Last How Not to Cry at Weddings

AKA Neil Brimble (1973-2010) Pessimistic, with a wry sense of humour. Clegg aims for a quiet respectable retirement following his redundancy from his job as a lino salesman,[5] but is continually involved in the schemes of Foggy and the others. Despite having been married to the (now deceased) sharp-tongued Edith for 31 years[5] Clegg fearfully shies away from women. Perfectly content reading alone in his cosy home, he also finds fascination in some of the simpler things in life, such as Sid's skirting board. He is also so reserved and shy that he famously wears several layers of clothing: vest/long johns, shirt, jumper/sweater, waistcoat/suit vest, jacket/sport coat, and finally a plastic mac, which he just carries when it's not windy or raining. He is also the only one of the trio that has a driving licence[6] and therefore occasionally finds himself reluctantly pressured into driving on the very rare occasions that they are not merely strolling about locally and manage to avail themselves of a vehicle sans driver. This inevitably results in a panic attack for Clegg who fumbles about with the gears and pedals uncontrollably limiting his speed to about 3mph (which is just to his liking).

Clegg was the sounding-board for Compo's glee and the third man's authority, and was often instrumental in pointing out the pitfalls concealed within the schemes of the third man.[7] Clegg is also well known for his philosophical asides, which have received praise for interjecting intellectual material into the series.[8] In early episodes, Clegg was much more forthright and adventurous. Within a few years he became more retiring and cautious, and the group came to be dominated by Foggy and the "third men" that succeeded him. In series 30 and series 31 he became a secondary character so his role was filled by Entwistle. He was also the only character to appear in all 295 episodes.

unbeknownst to his friends & the locals of Holmfirth, he acted under the vigilante alias Neil Diggle, supporting the Green Arrow (Howard) & Black Canary (Pearl) in the Arrow Bunker (Compo Simmonite's house).