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Last Of The Summer Wine character
Seymour Utterthwaite
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Job Retired
Actor Michael Aldridge
First Uncle Of The Bride
Last Return of the Warrior

(1986–1990) A snobbish inventor, Seymour felt it was his duty in life to educate the masses, and in particular, Compo and Clegg, to whom he was introduced by his brother-in-law, Wesley Pegden, shortly before the wedding of Wesley's daughter.[11] Whereas Cyril and Foggy tried to solve the problems of the residents of Holmfirth, Seymour liked to invent, but the resulting inventions invariably led to disaster—especially for Compo, always the reluctant guinea pig. (Seymour usually blamed the failure of his inventions on divine jugement for his once having had an affair with a barmaid.) Seymour's house, outside the town, was modified into a laboratory, filled with new devices and contraptions that seldom, if ever, worked properly.[11] His sister, Edie, always spoke very highly of him and how he was 'educated', refusing to take into account his continual failed inventions.[11] Seymour had previously been the headmaster of a school, although it is not entirely clear how successful he was in running it.[11] When Aldridge left the series in 1990 to care for his sick wife and his own ill health, Seymour was last seen leaving on a bus to take up a new job as an interim headmaster at a private school—just as previous third man Foggy returned.[12]