Last Of The Summer Wine character
Gender Male
Hair Black
Job Sid's Cafe Owner
Actor John Comer
First The Last of the Summer Wine
Last Getting Sam Home

(1973–1983), bluff tea-shop owner, who featured prominently for the first ten years, before his death in 1984. Ivy remembers him fondly, and often mentions him in conversation. Sid was one of the few characters who actually seemed to enjoy getting involved in the misadventures of the three central characters, and often saw them as an excuse to get out of the cafe for a couple of hours. Ivy and Sid often shouted and argued with each other (and Ivy was never shy about bringing up Sid's infidelity), but, as with many of the show's couples, there was little doubt that they loved each other. For John Comer's last appearance, in 1983's feature-length Christmas special, 'Getting Sam Home', illness caused by cancer affected his speech, and so his lines were dubbed over by another actor, Tony Melody. Comer died a few months later. Sid's death was not referred to until "Uncle of the Bride" on New Year's Day 1986. In "Just a Small Funeral" as Ivy is getting ready for Compo's funeral, she finds a photo of Sid in her handbag.

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