The Just Doesn't Suit
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 11 September 1988
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The Way of the Warrior
Clegg and Sherbet have to deliver a roll of lino to the home of Miss Deborah Norbury. Seymour asks them to deliver a letter to the young lady. When they try to make the delivery, Mrs Norbury insists that they have brought the wrong lino, so they have to return to the shop. Mr Scrimshaw has to go out to a meeting, so he leaves Seymour in charge. He persuades Clegg to take his place so that he can help Sherbet to deliver the replacement lino to the Norbury's house.

While Seymour is away, Clegg has to measure a man for a new suit. He makes a complete mess of things. When the customer returns for a final fitting, the suit is two sizes too small.