The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson
Season 28, Episode 1
Air date 15 July 2007
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A Tale of Two Sweaters
What Happened to the Horse?
An old friend – Doggy – is getting re-married and invites Clegg, Truly, Alvin, Entwistle and Howard to his stag night at a local inn. At 82, for Doggy it’s more a ‘stag afternoon’ to celebrate his last day of freedom. Doggy is disappointed that this stag night is less fun than his last, and to make matters worse, he just can’t remember the name of his bride to be. When he gets into a singing mode, he falls from a table and has to be wheeled home in a handcart - but manages to kiss a policeman on the way. Pearl is suspicious of Howard’s whereabouts, and goes to the Inn where, unfortunately, Truly has arranged for Marina to be a Strip-o-gram girl for Doggy’s stag night.
  • Guest appearance of Eric Sykes
  • Audience of 3.28m - 68th most watched programme of the week.