Last Of The Summer Wine character
Wesley Pegden
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Job Mechanic
Actor Gordon Wharmby
First Car & Garter
Last It All Began With an Old Volvo Headlamp

(1982, 1984–2002) Edie's husband, who spends all his time in his workshop/garage. In one of the most popular and often recycled scenes in the series, Edie would call Wesley in from his garage (after much shouting, first in gentle 'posh' tones, before ending up in harsh yelling) and would lay down a trail of newspaper for him to stand on—often putting one on the wall just in time as he leant against it. Wesley generally kept out of Edie's way in his garage, restoring old motors. The character first appeared in the 1982 episode 'Car and Garter' in a small part. The writer and producers liked him so much that they brought him back for the 1984 Christmas Special 'The Loxley Lozenge' and the 1985 episode 'Who's Looking After The Cafe Then?'. He reappeared in the 1986 feature-length 'Uncle Of The Bride', in which he was established as Edie's husband, at which point both became regulars. Mechanic Wesley was often called upon by the main trio to construct the many bizarre creations they came up with, and to drive them into the hills for test runs. One reoccurring theme is the occasional explosion caused by projects in Wesley's shed and accompanied by billows of white smoke. On some occasions, Wesley's hat is also smoldering and smoking. In his early years in the series, Wesley seemed to have a love of loud rock music, which led to the trio desperately trying to call over it to get his attention on a number of occasions. When Wharmby died in 2002, the character also died; although it was not immediately announced, subsequent references to him were in the past tense.

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