What Happened to the Horse?
Season 28, Episode 2
Air date 29 July 2007
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The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson
Variations on a Theme of Road Rage
Clegg, Truly and Alvin never miss an opportunity to mislead Howard, so when Alvin observes that a particular strip of woodland looks as if it could be haunted, they soon convince him of its authenticity. Howard accepts the story that nobody goes to the wood at a certain time because of weird sightings of a ghostly tinker, and immediately sees the opportunity to go there for an innocent nature walk with Marina. To scare Howard, Alvin dresses-up to look like the ghostly tinker, however, into the wood comes Barry who is dressed in a costume for a part he has in an amateur dramatic production. When Alvin and Barry see each other, they both think they have seen the real ghostly tinker and flee. The local police see the frenzied escape of the men in Entwistle’s truck and give pursuit. When Alvin – wide eyed and ghostly -looks out from the truck, the Police car skids off the road into a roadside sign.
  • audience unknown.