Youth Wanted
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date 9 October 1988
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The Great Indoors
Not Thee Missus
Mr Scrimshaw is advertising for a youth for light duties. Compo decides to apply for the job but Scrimshaw turns him down. Clegg's mother helps Compo to smarten himself up and gives him one of her husband's old suits. Scrimshaw still doesn't think he's 'suitable' for a job at the Co-op. Clegg, Sherbet and Seymour are having a 'fag break' in the cellar at the Co-op store. Compo joins them. Two men from head office make a surprise visit to check on air-raid precautions. Mr Scrimshaw takes them down to the cellar where they find the lads in the middle of their break. The men from head office want to know what Compo is doing there. Clegg tells them that he's a new member of staff. Mr Scrimshaw is in no position to contradict him.